Netflix now supports 4K streaming on Intel Kaby Lake processors

The Netflix app on Windows 10 will support 4K streaming on Intel Kaby Lake-powered PCs.

Published Date
09 - Jan - 2017
| Last Updated
09 - Jan - 2017
Netflix now supports 4K streaming on Intel Kaby Lake processors

Netflix now supports 4K playback on Intel-powered PCs. The company announced at CES 2017, that Intel’s new 7th Gen CPUs will support Ultra HD and 4K content now.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to watch Netflix in 4K, though. To watch 4K content, your laptop or PC will need 4K displays, which aren’t very widespread right now. Laptops, like Acer’s Predator series do have 4K displays, but such laptops are neither accessible, nor widespread. However, it does mean that your laptop can be hooked onto a television to play 4K content on Netflix.

According to Netflix’s announcement, support for new and “more efficient” codecs necessary to stream 4K are supported on Intel’s processors now. Further, Microsoft has apparently also added HTML5 video support that’ll work on Intel’s Kaby Lake processors. The Universal Windows Platform allows Netflix’s Windows 10 app to support the same 4K streaming modes as its new Edge browser.

Further, Netflix claims it has over 600 hours of content on its platform right now. Shows like Stranger Things, The Crown, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Marvel’s Luke Cage are examples of content available in 4K.

Netflix also has content shot in 4K HDR, including shows like Daredevil and other Marvel series. Such content required HDR capable televisions or displays. The company cites devices like the Nvidia Shield, that can stream 4K HDR content.

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