Digit partners with NASA to host Space Apps Challenge in Delhi on April 11

Here's your chance to attend NASA's Space Apps Challenge that takes place in Delhi tomorrow. Digit is their media partner for this event. Yes, we'll be there!

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10 - Apr - 2015
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10 - Apr - 2015
Digit partners with NASA to host Space Apps Challenge in Delhi on...

NASA in collaboration with Digit (as their media partner) is holding its Space Apps Challenge in Delhi on April 11. The event is part of NASA's efforts to crowd source solutions from varied aspects of life to be applied to the field of Earth, Humans, Outer Space, and Robotics. If you are interested in attending the event, here's what you need to do:

Look at the presentations of past years available on YouTube

Thoroughly understand the challenges

Go through data.nasa.gov to find more information regarding your challenge

Develop a game plan for the hackathon weekend to properly and orderly develop solutions to the challenges

Post your involvement in the NASA Space Apps Challenge @spaceappschallenge on social media and invite your friends to come participate

The event is based on four challenges - Outer Space, Earth, Humans and Robotics.

You can also participate in project spanning different challenges or cities. However, each project would have to specify you as the participant and also can only have one city associated with it. You can also bring your project if you are already working on. However, you will need to inform the event hosts about the project beforehand.

The NASA Space Apps Challenge takes place in nearly 138 cities across the globe alongside a virtual event with the Global main stage & Data Bootcamp at the New York. Find out more information about the International Space Apps Challenge here.

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