Must try emoji keyboards for Android and iOS

Emoji keyboards that come to the rescue when you're speechless

Published Date
27 - Sep - 2016
| Last Updated
29 - Sep - 2016
Must try emoji keyboards for Android and iOS

Language is a wonderful thing. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that one of the things that define us humans as being civilised is the extent to which our language is developed. But sometimes, words are simply not enough. And that is when Emojis come to the rescue! Alongside the standard emojis that are available with the stock keyboards on your Android and iOS devices, there are tons of emoji keyboards out there that let you truly express what you are trying to say, without the shortcomings of mere words! It wouldn’t be possible to list all of the good ones, but here are the emoji keyboards on both the platforms that really caught our attention.

Kika Emoji Keyboard

One of the most popular emoji keyboards on both iOS and Android, Kika Emoji keyboard offers you a truly vast variety of options (more than 1200 emojis and emoticons) when it comes to expressing yourself, be it on Facebook, Instagram, Kik or more. Moreover, you can customize the app itself by choosing one of the thousands of unique themes available, which are often bundled along with sticker packs. There are more than 100 fonts available for the keyboard along with the option to include custom key sounds for the keyboard. The keyboard supports swipe gestures, voice input and is optimized for tablets as well.


We are used to grammar checks and autocompletes on almost all devices that we use. So why should emoji typing be any different? Keymoji is an iOS exclusive keyboard that translates what you type in any app into emojis in real time from a constantly expanding emoji keyboard crowdsourced dictionary so you don't have to think up emoji keyboard phrases!! It works inside Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, iMessage, Kik, Line, Kakao Talk, WeChat, Notes, Twitter, etc. In fact, when it came out along with iOS 8, it was featured on multiple keyboard listings by Yahoo, Macworld, 9to5Mac and more.

Bobble Stickers

If standard emojis can replace words, what can replace standard emojis? Personalised emojis! Taking the art of expression through emojis and stickers one step further, Bobble Keyboard is an Android and iOS keyboard that lets you convert your pictures into cartoon-ish emojis that can be highly customized to convey different expressions and emotions. So the next time you’re angry and you want to convey it properly in chat, don’t go hunting for the angry smiley - take a picture and Bobble it!

Indian Stickers

The problem with most of the keyboards above is - they just don’t get the Indian feel right! There is something about expressing yourself in the language and vernacular of your own country that is sometimes just what you need. Indian Stickers, an iOS emoji keyboard, allows you to use emojis from a variety of gestures, icons, idioms and slang! Made by Antarjaal Innovations Private Limited, this keyboard will not disappoint you if you are looking for that perfect colloquial touch to your conversations.


Do you think you have an expressive face and could give any of these emojis a run for their money? Imoji is the emoji keyboard for you as it lets you convert your selfies directly into stickers, no cartoonification at all. It has a very active community that keeps adding more stickers to the entire sticker library. They also encourage artists to create sticker packs and promote their creations on the app by providing linkbacks to their artist pages. You should check this one out on Android or iOS if you are looking for a community-driven emoji keyboard with both real and cartoon-like stickers.

If you think we missed out any of your favorite emoji keyboard apps, let us know in the comments below. Protection Status