Microsoft testing Dialer, an India-centric voice calling app

The Android app is currently in closed beta with the Windows 10 Mobile version expected to arrive next year

Published Date
12 - Oct - 2015
| Last Updated
13 - Oct - 2015
Microsoft testing Dialer, an India-centric voice calling app

Microsoft will reportedly launch its Skype voice calling app, Dialer in December. It is expected to be a “lite” version of Skype, designed to operate smoothly on slow and often unreliable networks. The company is currently conducting a closed beta test.

According to sources cited by Gadgets 360, the Dialer app is being developed specifically for the Indian market. Microsoft started the closed beta testing of an Indian version of Skype, that was announced in April this year. An unidentified source has said that a Windows 10 Mobile version of the app is also in the works. It is expected to be released early next year. "As part of the ongoing improvements to deliver the best experience possible to our users, we are always innovating and occasionally test out new features and functionality on small groups of users in different markets. If you live in India and have an Android phone and would like to get involved, sign up to our Pre-Release program via the Skype Community page. We have no specific news on product announcements planned in India to share today,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Gadgets 360.

Dialer is speculated to shed the extra flab that makes Skype a resource intensive app on Android and iOS devices. It is also being developed bearing in mind the patchy and unreliable internet access in India. The voice calling feature will work even on slower 2G networks. Although the app is expected to feature video sharing support, it is unclear whether it will have video calling capabilities.

Last year, Skype withdrew its calling facility to mobiles and landlines in India. Pressure from telecom service providers may have played a part in Microsoft’s decision. Earlier this year, Whatsapp rolled out voice calling facilities to users. It has rapidly gained favour with Indian consumers, although, telcos have sought restrictions. Free voice calling services provided by over-the-top players have been a primary bone of contention in the raging debate on net neutrality in India. The operators are also facing the heat for the call drop issue. With its ability to provide calling services on slower networks, Dialer may add yet another angle to the debate.

Source: Gadgets 360