Microsoft Skype Lite will now keep track of your important messages via new SMS Insights feature

The new feature aggregates the user's SMSes and sorts them into categories like Finance, Shopping, Travel, Reminders and Promotions

Published Date
31 - Aug - 2017
| Last Updated
31 - Aug - 2017
Microsoft Skype Lite will now keep track of your important messag...

Microsoft has announced a new feature for Skype Lite, which aims to help users keep track of any important SMSes that they might get. Called SMS Insights, the feature aggregates the messages and sorts them into categories like Finance, Shopping, Travel, Reminders and Promotions. Further, the service also lets users interact with the messages and offer relevant links that allow you to play bills, check-in flights, or call customer support numbers. 

“We listened to user feedback and we know that you receive a vast quantity of information via SMS, and that keeping up with it can be overwhelming, if not downright impossible. With so many text messages requiring your attention – from bills to travel confirmations to appointments – it is very easy to miss important information, and can often feel like a full-time job just to keep organized,” the company notes in its blog. It also adds that this feature will be available after the user has granted the necessary permissions. Further, the company says that all the SMS classification and categorization will happens locally on the device via machine learning, and claims that it does not read your SMS messages or store SMS data on its servers.

Each category offers smart functions based on the most recent SMS. For example, the Finance category shows you your current balance across the user’s accounts and wallets. Similarly, Shopping shows the status of orders and lets users track packages, while promotions shows the best discounts and details. 

To recall, Skype Lite was unveiled at Microsoft’s Future Decoded event back in February this year. It is a lightweight version of the standard Skype app and is aimed a slower data networks and low to mid-range Android devices. But it still offers a full suite of features like calling, texting and contact management. It also offers support for seven Indian languages and offers support for Microsoft’s bot framework and UI. 

In early July, the company added Aadhar integration to the service with aim of bringing identity verification features. Either of the two parties can request identity verification and in order to confirm identity, the user will have to enter their 12-digit Aadhar number. The verification will be captured as an event within the conversation. Microsoft noted that Skype would not store any Aadhar information. 

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