Microsoft Office for Android and iOS due in March 2013?

Published Date
08 - Nov - 2012
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08 - Nov - 2012
Microsoft Office for Android and iOS due in March 2013?

Several months ago, a screenshot of the microsoft officeWhere to buy 32391 5499 5765 logo on an iPad leaked, sparking rumours that Office was on its way to the Apple tablet. Of course, back then, Microsoft denied any such rumours. However, new evidence has surfaced which proved that Office Mobile is on its way to iPhone, iPad and Android sometime next year.

Word is that Office Mobile will first come to iOS and will be in the form of individual apps that will allow the opening and viewing of documents only. For any kind of editing capabilities, an Office 365 subscription would be required and this subscription will be an in-app purchase. Just like SkyDrive and OneNote, the Office Apps would require a Microsoft ID to login and use them, allowing all information to be available across various devices thanks to the Cloud.

The big reveal comes thanks to Petr Bobek, Microsoft Product Manager who spoke at an event in Czeck Republic recently, revealing that Office Mobile for iosWhere to buy 3528 4354 16090 and Android was in development and slated for a March 2013 release.

Microsoft has lately been on a spree of integrating its various suites together in order to provide a seamless user experience. The Redmond giant famously releases versions of its productivity software across platforms, and recently extended Microsoft the net even over to Android and iOS, with apps like Lync, OneNote and SkyDrive. The “Rooms” feature on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices will also allow non-WP8 users to be a part of the Room, allowing them to share notes, images and calendars with other occupants of that particular Room.

With the release of Office Mobile, Microsoft would have made available all its popular applications across various platforms, making sure that its presence is felt everywhere, regardless of the OS environment.

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