Microsoft reportedly developing a chat app for iPhone

Microsoft is reportedly building a new iPhone chat app called Flow, which will work with multiple email services.

Published Date
20 - May - 2015
| Last Updated
21 - May - 2015
Microsoft reportedly developing a chat app for iPhone

Microsoft is developing a new iPhone chat app called Flow that works as an accompaniment for its Outlook inbox app, according to reports. The chat app will reportedly work with multiple email services including Gmail and Outlook.

The details of the app were discovered by Twitter user h0x0d, who found a description of the app on a download page marked "Microsoft Confidential." The new app called Flow is designed to offer "fast, fluid, natural conversations," with "no subject lines, salutations, or signatures," and will allow quick communication with email contacts outside of the regular email inbox. “Flow is designed for fast, light-weight conversations in real time.” "Use Flow with anyone, it's email: Reach anyone with an email address and all conversations for you and others are also in Outlook. Together, you can use Flow and Outlook interchangeably to participate in the same conversations. "Focus on what's important," continues the description. "Only conversations started in Flow and their replies show up in Flow, not your whole inbox. Focus on your most important person-to-person conversations without the noise."

According to reports, Flow will have a group chat feature and the option to send pictures. However, it does not support video chat for now, but it might be added when Flow finally gets released. The software giant is reportedly testing Flow for iPhone internally. Flow would work for Outlook similar as Qik is to Skype. Last year, Microsoft launched Skype Qik a lightweight video-messaging service that is similar to snapchat. Flow, could also be faster to use than regular Outlook email, and would give Microsoft an entry point into the over crowded chat app market. Microsoft is yet to confirm the existence of the app. It also remains unclear whether Microsoft will launch the app on Android and Windows OS as well. It’s surprising that Microsoft is choosing Apple iOS to showcase its an new app. It could be because Microsoft’s recent email efforts have gone down well on Apple's operating system. Outlook appeared on Apple's device earlier this year after Microsoft purchased and rebranded email app Accompli, and has become the best Gmail app on iOS.

Source: Twitter user h0x0d