Meet the Experts - Sergey Kostrov

Published Date
12 - Sep - 2016
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12 - Sep - 2016
Meet the Experts - Sergey Kostrov

Sergey Kostrov 

Senior C/C++ Software Engineer

As a Senior C/C++ Software Engineer Sergey's specialization is design and implementation of highly portable software systems and scientific algorithms. He has been involved in that kind of work since the middle of 1990th.

Since August 2009, Sergey has been working on a Set of Common Algorithms Library for Big Data Processing ( ScaLib BDP ) where his dreams about a concept on how highly portable software systems need to be designed and implemented finally came true. That is, design and implement a highly portable and super compact library ( some kind of framework ) of the most common scientific algorithms for Embedded 16-bit platforms, capable to do Data Intensive processing, then scale it up to 32-bit and 64-bit Desktop platforms.

Sergey holds a BS degree in Engineering with a specialization in Automation, Measurements and Instruments.

Sergey's Latest HPC achievement and know-how:

Accelerated Processing Technique ( APT ) for MKL 'cblas_?gemm' matrix multiply functions integrated with Strassen Heap Based ( Incomplete Non-Recursive and Complete Recursive ) algorithms. The APT improves performance of 'cblas_?gemm' functions for multiplication of square dense large matricies ( greater of 16Kx16K ) by more than 10 percent.
Sergey's most complex software engineering projects in the past:

  • Financial Software system which was certified at the National Bank of Ukraine in October 1996 ( 1994 - 1997 );
  • High-Performance Geo-Coding subsystem for a server side processing ( 2004 - 2006 );
  • Nonstationary Convolution model for the Veiling Glare correction of a Medical X-Ray imaging device ( 2006 - 2007 ).

Sergey has a great passion in finding Non-Standard solutions for software engineering problems related to design and implementation of scientific algorithms in a classic computing domain, and beyond.

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