MapmyIndia slashes prices of navigation app for Indian iOS users

Published Date
26 - Sep - 2012
| Last Updated
26 - Sep - 2012
MapmyIndia slashes prices of navigation app for Indian iOS users

MapmyIndia has slashed the price of their India-centric navigation app, 'Don't Panic' on the iTunes App Store, by 60%.

This news comes in wake of Apple replacing Google Maps with their own Maps app in iOS 6, a move that has been widely criticized since the new app suffers from incomplete (and incorrect) navigation data.

The new Apple Maps has been criticized by American and European users for erroneous data but the situation is more dire here in India. The Indian maps are missing plenty of data including major addresses and points of interest in cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

MapmyIndia's decision to limit discounts only to iOS devices (the app hasn't been discounted in the Google Play Store), is clearly aimed at disgruntled iOS users in India, who are either suffering from a sub-par navigation experience in iOS 6, or have kept away from updating their devices.

Before the iOS 6 update, Apple devices used Google Maps as part of a pre-installed app. However, the decision is reportedly as a result of the difference Apple saw in the Google Maps experience on Android and iOS. While Google Maps on Android offered turn-by-turn by navigation, that feature was notably absent on iOS.

MapmyIndia's 'Don't Panic' app is available on the iOS store for $20 (Rs. 1,070 approx.), if you want all the available maps for India. However, if you want maps for particular cities, then you will have to pay $8 (Rs. 430 approx.). You can download the app from here.


Nikhil PradhanNikhil Pradhan