LinkedIn lets you apply for jobs through its mobile apps

Now LinkedIn users can search for jobs, edit their profile and apply for jobs through the mobile apps.

Published Date
06 - Aug - 2013
| Last Updated
06 - Aug - 2013
LinkedIn lets you apply for jobs through its mobile apps

LinkedIn has rolled out a major update to its Android and iOS apps, enabling users to apply for jobs right from the mobile device. The update also allows users to edit their profiles directly from the app. According to LinkedIn, the update will benefit over 30 percent of LinkedIn members who view jobs on the network via mobile device.  

LinkedIn recently rolled out new features – ability to search jobs from mobile and Jobs you may be interested in. The company says the features were “huge hit” with the job hunters and other professionals on the network.  

As a result of our highly personalized job recommendations in the mobile feed, we’re seeing members who never view jobs on the desktop, viewing and saving jobs on mobile,” says LinkedIn's Vaibhav Goel in a post.  

... we’re introducing the ability to apply for jobs without a resume attachment from mobile. For many of the jobs that interest you on LinkedIn, you can now put your best foot forward by simply using your LinkedIn profile to apply for the job.” 

How you can apply for jobs through LinkedIn mobile apps. With every job, users will see an option to either “Apply” or “Save Job” for later. Click the “Apply” to review LinkedIn profile. Some jobs may feature “Apply on company website” button which directs to job seekers to apply on their corporate site.  

After editing profile before submitting, click the “Next”. The last screen prompts users to confirm their e-mail address and phone number. Click the “submit” button to complete the procedure.  

Source: LinkedIn