LinkedIn launches new smartphone tools for recruiters

LinkedIn launches Recruiter Mobile and Mobile Work With Us apps, to help recruiters in managing candidates.

Published Date
17 - Oct - 2013
| Last Updated
17 - Oct - 2013
LinkedIn launches new smartphone tools for recruiters

The new mobile apps from LinkedIn will help employers in highlighting job openings and will help recruiters stay in touch with job candidates while on the move.

The apps, Recruiter Mobile and Mobile Work With Us, are aimed at recruiters and employers. The recruiter Mobile app is designed to help recruiters interact more easily with job seekers, while the Mobile Work With Us app lets employers stick job openings at the top of employees' profiles.

The app gives recruiters and employers access to the more than 238 million member profiles and give a chance to provide feedback and/or respond to job queries via phone call, email, text or InMail directly from the app. Both the apps are currently available only for iOS users.

Parker Barrile, senior director of product at LinkedIn, stated in a blog post that approximately 33 percent of LinkedIn members access the professional social network via their smartphones and more than 30 percent of LinkedIn job views also come from mobile phones. LinkedIn had launched the CheckIn app earlier this year for recruiters that helped curate and manage information about candidates.

Parker Barille wrote in a blog post about the Recruiter Mobile app, "Recruiters have a hard time interacting with you when they're away from their desks, which is frustrating for everyone. But thanks to Recruiter Mobile, you can now interact with recruiters instantaneously wherever they are."

LinkedIn said about the Mobile Work With Us app, "Since the most popular thing to do on LinkedIn is viewing member profiles and people love working with people they know, Work With Us is a powerful way to turn your employees into brand ambassadors."

Source: CNET