Leaked screenshots show Google's upcoming Maps app for iOS 6

Published Date
15 - Oct - 2012
| Last Updated
15 - Oct - 2012
Leaked screenshots show Google's upcoming Maps app for iOS 6

Purported screenshots that have surfaced on the web show Google's Map app for iOS, fueling rumours that the company is working on a standalone app for the iOS platform.

Developer Ben Guild has posted images that are being dubbed as the leaked screenshots of an iPhone running a native version Google Maps, which the developer claims to be in alpha stage. According to Guild, the new app is vector-based and comes with the ability to use two-finger rotation to get any angle on the app. Guild adds the apps is “super fast”and supports Iphone 5's 4-inch screen.

According to reports, Google will be adding 'Google Earth' to the app as well, which many believe will help Google gain edge over Apple's new but flaw native Maps app with better data. There's no word on when Google's standalone Maps app for iOS will be released.

Google's standalone iOS Maps app running on an iPhone.

Rumours of Google working on a Maps app come days after Apple irked its customers by dumping Google Maps from its latest platform iOS 6, and compelling them to use Apple's app that was widely criticised for being inaccurate and flawed as compared to Google's app. Harsh criticism over the beleaguered map application compelled Apple to issue a rare apology to users, saying the company was “extremely sorry” over the situation, promised to revamp the service.

In one of our weekly polls, we had sought opinion of our readers on future of Apple's Maps. Majority said that Apple won't be able to catch up with Google Maps by end of this year. For more, click here.

Source: Ben Guild

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