Kimbho app updated to Bolo Messenger, but Patanjali says its not the official app

The Kimbho app was quietly updated to Bolo Messenger, but the Patanjali spokesperson has said that the app is "not at all" related to Patanjali and the Kimbho app.

Published Date
14 - Jul - 2018
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14 - Jul - 2018
Kimbho app updated to Bolo Messenger, but Patanjali says its not...

Patanjali’s Kimbho app has been quietly updated to ‘Bolo Messenger’. However, the Patanjali Yogpeeth’s spokesperson, SK Tijarawala has tweeted that the app is “not at all” related to Patanjali and the Kimbho app. Tijarawala adds that the Kimbhi app is under “advanced development process” and will be launched soon. In a separate tweet, Tijarawala states that the Kimbho app will be released separately with ‘new features that will revolutionize the field of communication and collaboration”

According to the Bolo Messenger’s official website, the app is a ‘swadeshi’ app. “Our mission is to promote Swadesi Tech Revolution and support Make in India movement. We are building products to provide Swadesi platform to connect Indians in a safe and secure environment,” the app notes in its website. It also adds that, “applications like Whatsapp & Facebook not only sneaking into our messages but also influencing our viewpoints and day/today choices.”

The app claims to offer end-to-end encryption using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and says that sent messages can be timed to be auto-deleted.

To recall, the Kimbho app was released a couple of months back and quickly disappeared after French security researcher, Elliot Anderson found issues within the app. Tijarawala said the the app was only made available on a trial run and would officially launch soon. He also added that the app was no longer available for download on any platform and that Patanjali takes no responsibility if users download any duplicate apps.



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