Java support comes to Intel IOT developer kit!

Published Date
11 - Dec - 2015
| Last Updated
15 - Dec - 2015
Java support comes to Intel IOT developer kit!

With Java* being considered one of the most popular programming languages, if not the most popular, developers have harnessed its capabilities to build server-side applications, video games, mobile apps, and more.  With its built in portability and scalability, it is a logical option for IoT development.

With the Intel® IoT Developer Kit now supporting Java, the IoT ecosystem will be able to capitalize on the added functionality and end to end solutions available.  Addressing sensors, streaming data, and working with the data on the web, all in the same language, will help developers create seamless solutions and groundbreaking prototypes.   

The native UPM and MRAA libraries in the Intel IoT Developer Kit now include Java extensions and functionality.  This new capability allows for easily addressing sensors on edge devices natively.  Our instance of Eclipse* that now supports Java allows developers to easily browse available sensors then import the sensor code from our github.

The latest runtime images of our Intel® Edison and Intel® Galileo boards now have the Java runtime environment, OpenJDK 8, built in.  By upgrading your board image either directly or with an SD Card, you can now take advantage of this added functionality. 

With this support for the Intel IoT Developer Kit, Java developers can now utilize these tools to create end to end IoT solutions, from the edge to the smartphone.  With the included libraries and IDE, creating a proof of concept is straightforward and simple.

Learn how to get started developing in Java on the Intel IoT Developer Kit. 

For more such intel IoT resources and tools from Intel, please visit the Intel® Developer Zone

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