Japanese firm develops 'smart' toilet that can be controlled via app

A Japanese firm has developed a smart toilet that users can control via a smartphone app.

Published Date
18 - Dec - 2012
| Last Updated
18 - Dec - 2012
Japanese firm develops 'smart' toilet that can be controlled via...

The idea of home appliances and utilities (or even a entire home ecosystem) being controlled by smartphones is not new, but a Japanese firm called Lixil might have taken things too far, developing an advanced toilet model that can be controlled by a smartphone.

Users can control the toilet by a smartphone app called 'My Satis', which can also track user's bowel movements to assess their health. The app, available for select Android smartphones, is compatible with three of the company's new range lavaroties.

My Satis app for Android allows toilet users to control the Bluetooth-equipped bathroom fitting with their smartphone. Users can also customise their preferred settings and have play back music via the toilet's speakers. The toilet can also keep track of each use to monitor both water and electricity bills. There's also a function that creates a dairy for users to see how many times they have used the toilet.

Source: Daily Mail