It's a bug, not hackers - Instagram users locked out of accounts

Late last night, you may have temporarily been blocked out of your Instagram account, only because of a temporary bug

Published Date
03 - Dec - 2015
| Last Updated
11 - Dec - 2015
It's a bug, not hackers - Instagram users locked out of accounts

An unknown number of Instagrammers were frozen out of their accounts last night, leading to widespread angst as to the reason for this occurrence. While I happened to be one among them, I thankfully got past the login screen after a few failed attempts of ‘operational error’. Many others, however, were logged out their respective accounts for longer spans of time. If you were stuck in the same parade, here’s why it happened.

Instagram tweeted from its official account, stating that a bug rendered a number of people out of the popular photo sharing platform. At around 2am today, Instagram stated, “We experienced a bug that logged out some people and showed incorrect error messages.” Although the problem was resolved, Instagram stated that it may take longer than usual to log in, and no passwords were reset as a result of this. With the sudden logout error occurring, a lot of users panicked about hackers taking over their accounts. Nothing of this sort has thankfully happened, and we sincerely hope every Instagrammer is back to their raving best - posting selfies and rare natural moments that we all enjoy. Also, we sincerely hope this bug, which we would like to call InstaBug, never occurs again.




Incidentally, we at Digit have started taking Instagram as a prolific platform to share our work nuances - sneak peeks into floating speakers, bird-like earphones, mirror-back smartphones, and sometimes, our latest breed of adorable puppies! Tune in to our Instagram profile for our feed. Happy Insta-clicking, folks!

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