Intel Edison Board Getting Started with Bluetooth

Published Date
15 - Jun - 2015
| Last Updated
15 - Jun - 2015
Intel Edison Board Getting Started with Bluetooth

Intel® Edison has built-in Bluetooth*, this document demonstrates how to enable Bluetooth* and pair to a device.
Run the following commands to enable Bluetooth*:

    rfkill unblock bluetooth

bluetoothctl will start BlueZ command line utility, when inside the BlueZ command line utility you will see[bluetooth]# at the beginning of each line.
Register an agent and set it to default:

    agent KeyboardDisplay

Scan for Bluetooth* devices by running scan on. The available Bluetooth devices are displayed.
    scan on
To pair to a Bluetooth* device you need the device ID to run the following command.

    pair <Device ID>

Once the device pairs successfully, connect to the device by running this command:

connect <Device ID>

To see more commands type help. To exit BlueZ command line utility type exit. See Figure 1 for a screenshot of the process.

Figure 1- Screenshot of Bluetooth* setup.

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