Intel Edison Board Developer Resources

Edison Board Developer Resources

Published Date
23 - Mar - 2015
| Last Updated
23 - Apr - 2015
Intel Edison Board Developer Resources


  • Get Started Guides
  • Troubleshooting and FAQ
  • Intel Edison Forums
  • Downloads


  • Flashing Firmware: Windows  OS X  Linux
  • Libmraa - low level skeleton library for communication Documentation
  • Libmraa - pin mapping
  • UPM - Sensor / Actuator repository for libmraa
  • Installing Git on Intel Edison
  • For the standard Yocto-based Edison Linux installation:
  • Follow these instructions: Repo Configuration Instructions
  • To be able to install these packages: Precompiled packages list for Edison


  • Libmraa - pin mapping
  • Pin Mapping Guide by Emutex
  • Hardware Guides
  • Shield Testing Report


  • Getting Started with Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Troubleshooting (forums)
  • Bluetooth User Guide
  • Projects that Use Bluetooth with Edison
  • Configure Intel Edison for BLE
  • Turning Intel Edison into an iBeacon


  • Getting started with Wifi (recommended)
  • Wifi User Guide
  • Ethernet over USB (good for hackathons or corporate networks)
  • Setting up Access Point (AP Mode)
  • Control your Edison with Websockets
  • Wifi Webserver Example (Arduino)

Other and 3rd Party Resources

  • Intel XDK IoT Edition Troubleshooting and FAQ
  • Arduino for IoT Platforms Troubleshooting and FAQ
  • Eclipse for IoT Build Troubleshooting and FAQ
  • Mashery APIs for Intel Edison
  • General Guide to SparkFun* Blocks for Intel Edison
  • Edison Console Block Guide
  • Edison GPIO Block Guide
  • Loading Debian (Ubilinux) on the Edison
  • Wyliodrin* IDE
  • Intel Edison + Cylon.js*
  • Intel Edison + Octoblu*
  • Intel Edison + Johnny-Five

For more such intel IoT resources and tools from Intel, please visit the Intel® Developer Zone

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