Instagram could soon allow users to share hour-long videos: Report

Instagram's long-form videos will reportedly focus on vertically taller formats. The new feature could launch on the Instagram app through an update.

Published Date
06 - Jun - 2018
| Last Updated
06 - Jun - 2018
Instagram could soon allow users to share hour-long videos: Repor...

Instagram videos are currently limited to one minute, restricting creators from posting lengthy video clips like they can on its parent platform Facebook. However, if a new report from the Wall Street Journal is to be believed, Instagram may soon allow its users to post hour-long videos on the platform.

As per the publication, Instagram officials have been in talks with content creators and publishers to discuss the potential of long-form videos. “The feature, which could allow videos of up to an hour in length, will focus on vertical video, or video that is taller than it is wide,” the report says quoting people familiar with the matter.

The report further highlights that Instagram’s plans to integrate long-form videos are still tentative, so it is possible the platform is only testing the waters for one hour long videos right now. However, if rolled out, the feature would allow for increased video engagement on the platform which is steadily becoming more popular than Facebook itself.

As of September last year, Instagram recorded 800 million monthly active users. The company has been adding close to 100 million monthly active users users almost every month and in November of last year, Zuckerberg himself reported that the Stories feature on the platform has amassed a total of 300 million daily active users.

So, it is quite possible that Facebook is looking to allow longer videos on Instagram given its growth trajectory and the company’s video-first focus to compete with the likes of YouTube.

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