Indian student develops smartphone app to help detect breast cancer

An Indian student studying in Australia has developed a smartphone app to detect breast cancer. The app gives you detailed step by step process for self examination as well as monthly reminders for detecting breast cancer.

Published Date
18 - Jul - 2013
| Last Updated
18 - Jul - 2013
Indian student develops smartphone app to help detect breast canc...

The smartphone app was developed by Sanjay Sreekumar, a 19-year-old software engineering undergraduate from Australian National University. It was developed for the breast cancer awareness organization, 'The Young Adults Programme' (YAP). The YapApp app has been supported by Australian parliamentary group called ‘Federal Parliamentary Friends of Breast Cancer Awareness Among Young Adults.’ and was launched at the Australian Parliament House on June 25 at a function attended by ambassadors of 14 countries.

Sanjay states that the YapApp explains in English the step-by-step process for self-examination to detect cancer tumour. The app is available in both male and female versions and can be downloaded for free on Android and iPhone smartphones, though so far, it is not listed on the official stores. The app will also give the user monthly reminders for self-examination.

Sreekumar stated that, "There's a big potential for apps to provide a proactive means of detecting illnesses. This is not something that just targets specific people. It can affect everyone regardless of age and gender."

He added in a statement, "I always feel sympathetic when I hear stories about people suffering from cancer. This is something I can do. The core of YAP is providing an additional means of examination to save lives. It could apply to many illnesses. I want to see this technology being used world-wide."

The YapApp also gives you a list of nearby hospital if the user finds a suspicious growth or patch. Sreekumar is working on improving the app further by adding visual aids as well as multiple languages support and will be launching the app for Blackberry users soon.