In Focus: Walk Me Up! Alarm app for Android

Walk Me Up! is an innovative app that makes sure you wake up every morning without exception.

Published Date
23 - Jul - 2014
| Last Updated
23 - Jul - 2014
In Focus: Walk Me Up! Alarm app for Android

If you consider yourself lazy and have issues waking up in the morning or are afraid of forgetting important tasks then the Walk Me Up app is for you. It has a user friendly interface packed with unique features that help it stand out amidst other similar applications available in the market. 

User Interface

Walk Me Up comes with a very simple UI and we hope the developers will make it look better and more elegant in future updates. It has a basic UI with big buttons and shortcuts for ease of use. However, there are no problems in the current UI and it is very user friendly with mainly the important tabs visible upfront and other features hidden inside the settings option.


The Walk Me Up app is packed with unique features such as evil mode, voice assist, step counter and shake sensitivity. The feature which makes this application a huge success is the step counter feature. When you set an alarm this feature does not switch off the alarm until you walk the predefined number of steps. This feature is set by default to 10 steps but you can change the steps according to your convenience (or, more ideally, inconvenience). I found that this feature worked very well and was very accurate. It also has a sensitivity option for better accuracy.

The evil mode feature disables the snooze button so that until the steps are walked the alarm won’t stop. The app also lets you select a song from your library to set as your alarm and comes with standard alarm features such as repeat, labels and volume.



Pricing and Availability

There is an ad-supported free version as well as a Pro version available on the Google Play Store. The Pro version is available for $1.99 (Rs. 120 approx.). Also, the free version offers in-app purchases for the following additional features: 

Volume crescendo : $1 
Max number of snoozes : $1 
Remove ads : $1 


Walk Me Up has features that definitely work very well and if you want to wake up in the morning everyday without running the risk of oversleeping, then you should definitely checkout this app.

Developer Name: Bazzinga Labs
App Size: 1.85MB Protection Status