Imoji lets you turn your selfie into an Emoji sticker

The new Imoji iOS app lets turn any image into a custom Emoji.

Published Date
28 - Jul - 2014
| Last Updated
28 - Jul - 2014
Imoji lets you turn your selfie into an Emoji sticker

A new application called Imoji allows you to turn any image into a custom sticker or emoji to use with your iMessage. Users can download the app for free from the Apple App Store.

The iOS app lets you create stickers of your own using any image you find on the web, or from a photograph or from any image in your iPhone’s photo gallery. The app comes with a set of simple tools to zoom, crop, and cut out your image so it appears like a real emoji or sticker. Users have any option to create public or private emojis, tag them and use it within any iMessage text. Imoji also offers a search screen where you can look for emoji already designed and shared by other users on the app.

Imoji was the brainchild of Tom Smith, co-founder of Offline a monthly mobile magazine. The team behind Imoji, stated that the app has been in testing with over 100 content creators and it has already pushed out “multiple thousands” of stickers before its public launch. The team added that celebrity faces are the most popular on the app.

The company plans to introduce more social features which will allow users to follow favorite content creators on the app and also earn points when their emoji are sent. The team is working on a business model where some of the emoji in its database could be sponsored by big brands.

"Emojis are great at communicating an emotion or tone in a text message so they will continue to play a part in the way people communicate. Where we think things are heading is a more flexible and creative form of communication, one which adds a new dimension to a text message. We've designed Imoji to be just that," said Tom Smith, one of Imoji's six founding members, stated in an interview.

Emoji's are gaining popularity across social networking and chat apps. Recently a new iOS app called Emojli was launched that is an emoji based social network which doesn't support text, but communicates only using symbols/ Emojis. Usernames and status updates on the site all are just emoji based.

Source: Techcrunch