HTC Zoe to be soon available for non-HTC Android smartphones

According to reports, HTC's Zoe application will be available for non-HTC Android smartphones by end of this week.

Published Date
13 - Aug - 2014
| Last Updated
13 - Aug - 2014
HTC Zoe to be soon available for non-HTC Android smartphones

HTC will be soon rolling out its HTC Zoe – a video clip-making application – to non-HTC Android smartphones. According to reports, a beta version of the application will be hitting the Google play store this week with limited number of video-editing tools.

Those aren't aware about the Zoe application – it allows users to compile up to 16 video clips, still images and add theme and music to create highlight reel video of up to 30 seconds. Users can even add comments as well.

According to reports, HTC Creative Labs is already working on rolling out another HTC application to other Android smartphones. Labs, however, did not divulge more details, though it is believed to be BlinkFeed, the news and social media aggregator. 

HTC has of late making various efforts to step up its fight against the likes of Samsung and Apple. While the smartphone players are already working to improve hardware, there's an increased focus on applications as well. Samsung already offers a wide range of exclusive applications on its devices. 

It's worth pointing out here is that Sony has also used this model to push its applications. It recently launched its Lifelog and smartband fitness applications for non-Sony Android smartphones. Google launches standalone Camera App for Android

As far as the Zoe application goes, it's still not as social as YouTube. But, availability on non-HTC Android smartphones will provide a huge push to the app. HTC is likely to first create an audience before trying to monetise it. The application is likely to compete with the likes of Instagram and Vine.

Source: Re/Code