HBO launches True Blood: True Survival Facebook game

Play with vampires, protect PAM and get exciting power ups with the new True Blood: True survival Facebook game application.

Published Date
28 - Jun - 2013
| Last Updated
28 - Jun - 2013
HBO launches True Blood: True Survival Facebook game

HBO South Asia has launched a new Facebook game application based on the popular TV series, True Blood. The True Blood: True Survival Facebook game application can be accessed through Facebook and every week top scoring winners from Asia will get a chance to win exclusive True Blood prizes. The game has been launched to coincide when the True Blood TV series season six launch from July 3.

To play the game the users have to log in to Facebook and like the HBO Premium page, then select True Blood True Survival Tab from the and the desired language. Finally the user needs to click on ‘Play Game’ option to start the game.

The game is based on survival of the 'Pam', the main character from the True Blood TV series. It is a simple platform runner game with some obstructions on the way. The user has to make Pam run safely and cross each hurdle to reach her coffin before sunlight. On the way you will get some exciting power ups like:

1. VampSpeed - to Increase Pam’s speed for a limited time.

2. Blood of Lilith - This power up Provides Pam with increased speed and invincibility for a limited time.

3. Glamouring - Pam can take on a glamorous look to stun human challengers into submission

The game has some additional options as well that make it interesting. The user can select random outfits for the main character or mute the music of the game. The user can share his game rank with friends, or invite your FB invite friends at the end of the each game session.