Guvera upgrades to 3.0, now allows brands to connect with users

Channels on Guvera can now include a range of editorial content such as video, blogs, m-commerce, competitions, and images

Published Date
18 - Mar - 2016
| Last Updated
21 - Mar - 2016
Guvera upgrades to 3.0, now allows brands to connect with users

Guvera has announced a product upgrade called Guvera 3.0. As part of the upgrade, brands will now be able to connect with users through exclusive content specific to their brand. Channels on the platform can now include a range of editorial content such as video, written blog content, m-commerce, competitions, and image galleries. Guvera has also announced that Udio and Tata Motors are some of the brands who have associated with the company

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Guvera, a leader in branded music and entertainment streaming, today announced a major product upgrade to establish itself as the world’s most engaging and immersive entertainment platform.

In addition to exclusively curated highly and highly targeted branded playlists, Music Channels based on India’s most popular genres, themes or moods moods -- such as the latest Bollywood music, charts, trending artists to rock, EDM and top regional content -- give brands the opportunity to connect with users via exclusive content specific to their brand and align with their music strategy. Channels can include a whole new range of editorial content including video, written blog content, m-commerce, competitions and image galleries. Udio andTata Motors are some of the interesting brands who have lately associated with Guvera.
Guvera’s ability to facilitate aligning brands and their messaging with specific Channels and listener tastes means that the contextual relevance of brand contentis also significantly increased. Broadening the listener’s experience also encourages them to spend more time exploring the product and discovering a brand’s offering, which will be intrinsically linked to their favourite genre or channel on the platform.
With Guvera Social, brands are now able to connect directly with their followers by posting targeted updates, commentary or exclusive offers and competitions. Brands can also make music recommendations to their followers by sharing songs and albums or letting followers know when they have updated a playlist on their channel.
Ananya Amin, Chief Commercial Officer – India & Middle East said, “User experience has been the key focus for Guvera since the beginning. With the new upgrade, we are looking at bringing new editorial content, coupled with 30 million songs, which can transform the experience of the app to a whole new level. India is a core market and we are confident about the potential for this product in the region.”
“Music is all about connecting people and expressing ideas and culture, which is why we’ve super-charged Guvera Social and introduced Music Channels,” said Robb Snell, Head of Product at Guvera.
“Once a listener dives into a Music Channel it’s all about discovery; discovery of a brand’s music recommendations, products and services all presented by a range of diverse content. Our Channels shine a spotlight on the underlying culture that drives artists and delivers a more immersive entertainment experience for our listeners to engage with the brands they love, when and how they want to.”
Guvera 3.0 is here – get ready to feel.