Google's Reply app gets leaked before launch

Google's reply app gives users contextual replies that they can send out on messaging services such as hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and more

Published Date
21 - Feb - 2018
| Last Updated
21 - Feb - 2018
Google's Reply app gets leaked before launch

Google started sending out email invites for a new app called Reply a few days back. The app aims to use the company’s smart reply function for other apps, letting users send a quick reply using one of the given suggestions. However, the app has leaked out and is available for download via third party websites. As per reports, the app has been developed by Area 120, which is a Google division that works on experimental products. 

The app requires access to notifications, calendar and location in order to give more accurate contextual replies. There is also an option to turn on the auto response bot that would automatically respond if you are driving, sleeping, on a train or so forth. In case of an emergency, the bot will be able to notify the user to check his messages via a loud beep. Google also notes the notifications are processed automatically with machine learning, and are then erased immediately. 

Setting up the app just requires users to link it with one of their gmail accounts, and then it's good to go. The app currently works with facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Twitter Direct Messenger and WhatsApp. When you get a notification, the app offers users a choice of three replies, which are contextually generated. User’s can then tap on any one of the replies to send it across.

The app can be downloaded from here.

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