Google's 'Blog Compass' app launched to help Indians manage their blogs easily

The 'Blog Compass' app is currently in beta and is available in India for English and Hindi speaking users.

Published Date
10 - Sep - 2018
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10 - Sep - 2018
Google’s ‘Blog Compass’ app launched to help Indians manage their...

In recent years, Google has launched several India-centric services like bilingual Google Feed, English and Hindi definitions in Google Search, among others. Adding to the list of already present services and products, the company has now launched the beta version of its ‘Blog Compass’ app that is aimed at helping bloggers to easily manage and run their blogs. The app is available in India for English and Hindi speaking users.

“Starting and running a blog can be a challenge even for the most experienced writers. There’s a lot to do — tracking visitor information, engaging readers, monitoring Search engine presence, not to mention finding new topics to write about. Bloggers use multiple services for these tasks, many of which don’t work well together. That’s why today we are launching ‘Blog Compass’ by Google, which brings everything you need to run your blog into a single place,” Dru Knox, Product Manager, Google Search, said in a statement.

‘Blog Compass’ is an app for Android that integrates with WordPress and Once the user logs in with their WordPress or account, the ‘Blog Compass’ connects to Google Analytics and Search Console, letting the user see viewer numbers, traffic sources, demographic information, Google Search status, and popular Google searches that lead to the blog. The app also analyses the post history and based on this information, it provides detailed Google Trends data that is tailored to a user’s blog.

“That can help in finding the next topic to write about. In our initial tests, we have found a majority of bloggers were able to post more often when using Blog Compass,” Google claimed. The company says that it is still adding features and fixing bugs based on feedback from new users. Google has also invited people to download the app and help it “shape the future of blogging tools in India and around the world.”

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