Google updates Gmail for iOS app with background refresh

The search giant has released a new update for Gmail for iOS which will enable the app to automatically fetch emails in the background.

Published Date
06 - Mar - 2014
| Last Updated
06 - Mar - 2014
Google updates Gmail for iOS app with background refresh

Google released a new version of its Gmail app for iOS which will enable automatic sync in the background. The update also "cuts down on inbox refresh delays and simplifies the log-in process for users," according to the company's blog post. The updated app can be downloaded from the iTunes app store and works for iOS7 or higher versions.

The update will save users time by "pre-fetching" their Gmail messages when they open the app. Users will need to turn on the background app refresh, which will provide the user with real-time notifications for incoming email. The update eliminates the need for the two-step verification process to log into different services of Google. Once logged into the app, it will give automatic access to other Google services including Maps, YouTube, Drive and Chrome.

"The app now fully supports background app refresh, which means your Gmail messages will be pre-fetched and synced so they're right there when you open the app-no more annoying pauses while you wait for your inbox to refresh," wrote Google software engineer Melissa Dominguez in a blog post Wednesday.

"So you won’t have to type in that 27-character password or retrieve your 2-step verification code every time you navigate to another Google app,” she wrote.

Google has also launched a new URL Shortener app for Android users. The new app allows users to log in to the site, paste their long URL and shorten them. The app has a card style user interface, and comes with features like the ability to star your favorite short URLs, access your history as well check reports and statistics to see who is actually clicking on your URL. The app works on Android devices only.

Source: Gmail Blog