Google updates fraud, spam detection filters on Play Store

The update will offer better detection of fraudulent installs, fake reviews, and incentivised ratings.

Published Date
01 - Nov - 2016
| Last Updated
04 - Nov - 2016
Google updates fraud, spam detection filters on Play Store

The Google Play Store will now offer better detection of fraud and spam app installations. The company notes in the Android Developers Blog that the update will now detect and filter if an install is conducted with the "intention to manipulate an app's placement on Google Play." In addition, developers who continue to exhibit such a behavior will have their apps taken down from the Store.

In its blog post, the company notes that some developers attempt to manipulate the placement of their apps through illegitimate means such as fraudulent installs, fake reviews and incentivised ratings. Such methods hinder other developers by reducing the chances of their apps being discovered or recommended. 

Google says that for a majority of cases, no action will be needed. However, it also notes that if developers are asking a third-party agency to promote their app, they should ensure that the promotion is based on legitimate practices.

A few months back, Google rolled out an update that reduced the size of app updates. According to the company, new updates now only download the changes between the existing app and the update. The changes would then be merged with the existing file.

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