Google testing Android Messages integration with Assistant: Report

With this integration, Android Messages may well become what Google wanted its instant messaging app Allo to be.

Published Date
24 - Aug - 2018
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24 - Aug - 2018
Google testing Android Messages integration with Assistant: Repor...

It’s well known for a fact that Google is working aggressively to embed Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in its products and services. For that, it has been pushing the Google Assistant in products like Pixel phones and Google Home as well as its services like Maps and Allo. Allo was unable to survive the competition posed by WhatsApp and now it seems that the search giant is working to integrate Google Assistant into Android Messages with suggested messages. It is speculated that with this integration, Android Messages may get Allo-like capabilities.

If we go by a XDAdevelopers' report, the Google Assistant in Android Messages will work like it does in Allo, but without the ability to talk to the Assistant directly. It will only recommend things to say. The folks tested the feature and were able to find nearby restaurants and the weather in the messaging app. A successful testing and implementation from Google could expedite the company’s supposed plans to get rid of Google Allo. The company recently announced Chat as a unified RCS standard across Android devices.

Google also recently announced that the rollout of its recently announced Messages for web feature is now complete. Same as WhatsApp for Web, one can make use of Android Messages for Web by navigating to on their desktop browser. Google was reported to be "pausing investments" in its "Allo" mobile messaging app that was launched in 2016. The app will continue to function for existing "Allo" users, but according to Anil Sabharwal, the new Head of Communications Group at Google, the company will move the team over to focus on Android Messages.

Cover image courtesy: XDAdevelopers

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