Google rolls out podcast player in search for Android users

Users can simply search for a podcast on their smartphone and start listening to it directly from Chrome. Users can also add and manage multiple podcast subscriptions

Published Date
25 - Apr - 2018
| Last Updated
25 - Apr - 2018
Google rolls out podcast player in search for Android users

There are a slew of podcast apps available for androidWhere to buy 199 88 99 but nothing that’s directly from Google. Well, that’s changed. Google has launched a new way for Android users to listen to and manage podcasts. You don’t need to download a new app or software for this. You can do it from the comfort of the Google Chrome browser. All users need to do is search for the podcast they like to listen to in Chrome or the Google app and it will appear alongside other results. The podcast listing will have a play button for you to listen to the latest episode. It will also have a tab to show more episodes. Pressing the “more episodes” button will take you to a listing of all the episodes of the podcast along with a descriptor. 

You can also add the podcast to your smartphones home screen for easy access later on. There is also a personalized podcast “homebase” which not only shows you the podcasts you have subscribed to but also related podcasts you may be interested in. Even though the experience is app like, it isn’t an app. 

In addition to listening to your podcasts on the smartphone, you can listen to them on your Google Home speaker. Simply say “OK Google, play X” and the particular podcast will kick off from where you left it on your smartphone. Just like Netflix, your podcast subscription is synced across devices, so you can pick up where you left off on any of your devices. 

Recently Google announced the ability to search for Jobs in India directly from Google search. Google has partnered with various companies and online Job portals so that users can find jobs directly via Google Search. Users can also filter job listings on the basis of location, company, title and more. Google Search users can access the experience in English through the Search app on Android and iOS, or through Google Search on both the desktop and mobile. It should be noted that the feature is currently not available while using Google Search in any other regional language. You can read more about searching for Jobs on Google here

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