Google Play to add eight new app categories including Dating, Events

Besides adding new categories, Media & Video and Transportation categories will also be renamed.

Published Date
28 - Jul - 2016
| Last Updated
28 - Jul - 2016
Google Play to add eight new app categories including Dating, Eve...

As the number of apps on the Google Play Store keep on increasing, it has become tricky for some to find one specific app that they are looking for. Google seems to have taken note of this problem, and announced the addition of eight new categories on the Play Store. This move also helps developers as it makes their apps more discoverable. The company also notes that the Media & Video category will be renamed to Video Players & Editors, while Transportation will be renamed to Maps and Navigation. The new app categories are Art & Design, Auto & Vehicles, Beauty, Dating, Events, Food & Drink, House & Home and Parenting. These will be available on the Play Store within the next 60 days.

This comes just a few days after the company announced the rollout of a new algorithm called bsdiff, which reduces the size of updates for apps and games by further lowering the amount of data downloaded in updates. Google says that this reduces the size of updates by up to 50 percent, as compared to the previous algorithm. Further, it is now much clearer for users to know the exact amount of data that will be downloaded when installing or updating an app. Users will now be shown the actual download size, and not the size of the APK. Further, if the users already have the app installed, they will be shown the size of the update.

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