Google Play store for mobile gets personalised app recommendations

Published Date
03 - Sep - 2012
| Last Updated
03 - Sep - 2012
Google Play store for mobile gets personalised app recommendation...

Google is adding personalised app recommendations to Google Play store. The feature known as 'Recommended for You' has been available on the web version of the Google Play store for a month and now it will be available on the mobile version soon.

The personalised app recommendations will list apps that are popular in your geographical area and what others (who have downloaded the same apps as you) are using. For Google users, Google Play store shows apps based on the choices within their circles on the social networking website. Recommendations are also based on the utility, past application installations and suggestion by friends and family. To dismiss an app, you need to click the circle with the line through it, and it'll remove it from your list.

Google has previously made various attempts at simplifying the navigation in the appstore. The company has launched curated recommendations from staff. It was last month that Google launched a “Recommended for You” section on the web version of Play store. The 'Recommendations for You' feature will probably be welcomed by users, many of whom complain of the tedious nature of finding apps on the appstore.

Source: CNet

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