Google Play Movies could upgrade all purchased HD movies to 4K for free

As per the code found in an upcoming version of the Google Play Movies and TV app, the company might upgrade all movies purchased in HD to 4K or highest possible quality for free.

Published Date
15 - Oct - 2018
| Last Updated
15 - Oct - 2018
Google Play Movies could upgrade all purchased HD movies to 4K fo...

Google Play Movies & TV is a decent platform to buy or rent movies to watch on mobile devices. The service enables users to buy the listed movies either in HD or SD quality, depending upon its availability, but if one has bought the SD version of a flick, they are stuck to it and have to buy the HD version separately. However, Android Police did a teardown on the version 4.8 of the Google Play Movies & TV app and its code suggests that the company might soon upgrade users to access a purchased movie in 4K quality for free. Currently, there’s no provision to pay for upgrading to a higher quality version of a purchased movie. 

As per the report, several lines of code in the Play Movies app explicitly state that “movies belonging to you have been upgraded to 4K.” Additionally, there is said to be no link to any pricing related to this update, suggesting the fact that the upgradation might be free of charge and there is reportedly one line of code mentioning the same. It should be noted that the free upgrade to 4k or the highest available quality might only be rolled out for movies that are purchased in HD and not for the SD versions, as per the code. 

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