Google Photos updated with one-tap actions, AI-based photo creations and will soon colourise old photos

The Google Photos app will soon come with new photo creation and one-tap actions which will allow users to "fix" the exposure and other aspects of an image with one tap. Users will also be able to capture old black and white photos and colourise it.

Published Date
09 - May - 2018
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09 - May - 2018
Google Photos updated with one-tap actions, AI-based photo creati...

It’s safe to say that the Google Assistant stole the show at the company’s 2018 I/O event. However, Google didn’t forget its Photos service, which is one of the most widely used image backup services. The Google Photos app will also gain some AI-based capabilities and allow users to perform actions suggested by the company’s machine learning algorithms while viewing their images. Users will be able to share, brighten, archive or share a photo and these actions will only be displayed on relevant photos, clicking on which completes the action. They will also be able to separate the subject in an image from the background using AI and leave the background in monochrome. The company has also announced a new Google Photos partner program for developers to support Google Photos in their product. Using the APIs, developers will enable options for sharing, uploading and searching images directly from Google Photos. In addition, Google says that thanks to AI, users will also be able to use the Photos app for scanning and converting documents directly to PDF files.

At the first day of Google I/O, the company demoed some of the aforementioned features for Google Photos. A one-tap action for fixing the brightness showed up on an image, which was captured in low-light conditions. An option to archiving images also popped up along with the image sharing option, which suggests sharing photos with another user when someone else is in the frame. The new photo creation feature has also been demonstrated, which successfully segregated the subject in the foreground from the background and turned the latter black and white. Google also demoed another option, which uses AI to turn old monochrome images into coloured ones, but it’s not known when this feature will be rolled out.

As mentioned earlier, Google announced a slew of new features for its products and services. The Google Assistant has been updated to place calls on the user’s behalf for making appointments and in the demonstration, the assistant was seen talking in a very lifelike manner. It could adjust the pitch and tone of its voice as well. Google Maps has also been updated with new AR directions, For You, Identify nearby places and some more features.

Google also announced a new Smart Compose feature for Gmail, which makes use of AI for helping users draft emails from scratch. The feature works in the background and suggests sentences when the user is typing the email. One can simply press tab and the suggestion will be appended to their sentence.  We are at the Google I/O 2018 and are covering the event in detail. You can read our roundup of what Google announced on the first day here.

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