Google Maps rolls out Wi-Fi only mode & mass transit delay notifications

It looks like Google Maps is rolling out notifications for mass transit delays and Wi-Fi only mode. The update is a staged rollout.

Published Date
25 - Jul - 2016
| Last Updated
25 - Jul - 2016
Google Maps rolls out Wi-Fi only mode & mass transit delay notifi...

If you have received an update to Google Maps in the past couple of days, its time to take a look at the details of the update. Notifications for mass transit delays and restricting data to Wi-Fi only seem to be rolling out to Google Map users. It is a staged rollout so don’t be upset if you don’t have the feature live on your smartphone. 

Kicking things off with the Wi-Fi only option, you can see this in the settings menu of Google Maps on your smartphone. The Wi-Fi only option reads, “Maps will only work in your offline areas unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi”. It’s a neat option for those that want to use maps but don’t want to hog on cellular data. Once the Wi-Fi only mode is switched on, a small bar at the top of the screen will show you that you are in Wi-Fi only mode. 

Moving on to those looking to travel by public transport like bus or trains, this is a feature that will appeal to you. It looks like customized notifications for mass transit delays is making its way to Google Maps. Like we mentioned earlier, the feature isn’t available to all so some users may have to wait to get the Google Maps update. What remains to be seen is how effective is the transit information in a country like India where bus, trains and metro seems to be the ideal mode of public transport. Busses especially don’t have fixed timings of arriving at bus stops so it will be interesting so see how the feature works. To check out the features you will need Google Maps v9.32 installed. 

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