Google is eyeing teenagers, but it's not creepy

Foraying into the social media space once again, the tech mammoth has launched a new app called Who's Down, which is targeted at young school-goers.

Published Date
02 - Nov - 2015
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02 - Nov - 2015
Google is eyeing teenagers, but it's not creepy

Google is experimenting with a brand new social media platform called Who's Down. Who's Down is an app that is currently available only for college students in the U.S., and can only be downloaded with an invite. The Who's Down app aims at connecting a network of students who are free to hang out with each other at any given time. Students can slide a button on the Who's Down app, to see which of their friends are available to meet for lunch, coffee or any other activity. These activities can be broadcasted by a single individual, and others interested in the activity can join in. The App also acts as an instant messenger, through which people on the same network can chat with each other. Users of the Who's Down app can also browse through friends' activities, and can choose to participate by starting a new chat.

Various screen grabs from the Who's Down app

Who's Down is currently available for both iOS and Android platforms, but one has to register for an invite on the Who's Down website. The registration page also asks for the school/university name of students, to ensure that registerations are limited only to current school-goers. Although, when we tried registering for the app with a non-university email address, our entry was accepted without any further questions. This could either be a glitch in the registration process, or it's more likely that Google sifts through these registrations internally, before sending out invites.

The invite process is reminicent of how Mark Zuckerberg started the popular social media platform, Facebook. This, too, was open only to university students at the time of its launch, and gradually grew into being the world's largest social media platform.

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