Google introduces Android for Work

Google is making its mobile OS more productivity focused with the introduction of Android for Work.

Published Date
26 - Feb - 2015
| Last Updated
26 - Feb - 2015
Google introduces Android for Work

Google has introduced Android for Work, an integrated app and service ecosystem designed to work within your existing Android devices. 

Google has partnered with various networking companies, management companies, Application makers and device manufacturers in order to make Android for Work a reality. The new Work platform will let you connect to your enterprise apps for mail, contacts, calendar and tasks. Full support for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Notes has also been added.

Android for Work will let you create a secure Work Profile on your Android phone and tablet. This will let you isolate, protect data and manage the flow of work information while keeping only the required personnels in loop. Android for Work will let people use work approved apps right alongside their personal apps and IT administrators will be able to easily manage business data on all Android devices.

Source: Android Blog

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