Google Hindi Input: Now type in Hindi on your Android device

The Google Hindi Input brings a Hindi keyboard to your Android phone. The app also supports Hindi transliteration.

Published Date
01 - Mar - 2013
| Last Updated
13 - Feb - 2018
Google Hindi Input: Now type in Hindi on your Android device

Google has rolled out a new app that allows users to input text in Hindi on their Android phone. The app, known as Google Hindi Input, also supports transliteration, which allows users to type in English and convert them into Hindi.

The Google Hindi Input app is available on the Google Play store for the Android version 2.0 . The app features a Hindi keyboard, which allows users to type and input text in Devanagari script.

Consonants are alphabetically ordered into 2 pages. To navigate between the pages, users need to press the paging button “1/2” “2/2”. By long press the character key, users can select various forms in the popup.

In the transliteration mode, users can type Hindi word in English characters and the app will convert them to Hindi. By turning off the transliteration mode on English keyboard, you can type in English. You can download the app from Play store here. In the meanwhile, check out more about the Hindi Input app in the video below:

It's notable Google already provides Hindi transliteration on the web and as a Chrome extension. The transliteration tool also supports other Indian languages including Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi.

Considering it's an initial release, we can expect the future updates of the Android app to bring support for other Indian languages as well. So far, the Google Hindi Input app has received 4.8 out of 5 ratings on the Play store with most users feedback being positive. Here's some of the user reviews on the Play store for the app: