Google Drive 2.0 update makes it easier to manage files

A new revamped document view interface has also been introduced in the new update.

Published Date
27 - Jun - 2014
| Last Updated
27 - Jun - 2014
Google Drive 2.0 update makes it easier to manage files

Google has unveiled a new update of its Google Drive for Android that makes it much easier to manage your files than before. Now, users can just tap on a button to rename, share or star a document and it is also easier to print or delete a file. Google also added Hotword support and Audio history to its voice search.

Version of the Drive Android app allows users to access the document view mode by clicking on the “i” icon displayed to the right of each file. You also get a larger preview of the file as well as a button to keep the file on the device for offline access. The update also brings a new activity tracker and a redesigned sharing area. The functionality is the same as before, but everything is displayed in a more user friendly way.

Google has also rolled out Google Search 3.5.14 update that brings a cool new feature that was available only to Moto X users till now. Google has added hotword detection for “Ok Google”. So now you can start voice search from anywhere on your device rather than having to be on your home screen. The update even allows you to trigger “OK, Google” from the lock screen. To activate the feature you have to go to settings in Google Now and enable 'Ok Google'.

The app also gets Audio History, that uses your voice searches to create a history which can make your searches more accurate. Google Now will learn the sound of your voice, how you pronounce words, etc. to get more specific search results.

Google has also recently announced adding support for Indian accent in its Voice Search. This will help improve search experience for Indian users and find answers on the web more quickly. Mr. Sandeep Menon, Head of Marketing, Google India stated, "We’re delighted to showcase the improvements we’ve made to Search for Indian users today. These features demonstrate Google’s commitment to India and to continually improving Indian users’ search experience.”

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