Google Camera app v5.3 apk code hints at RAW image capture support, wide-angle distortion correction feature and more

The new features were found in the code of the latest v5.3 of the Google Camera app in the recently rolled out Android P Developer Preview 4/Beta 3.

Published Date
04 - Jul - 2018
| Last Updated
04 - Jul - 2018
Google Camera app v5.3 apk code hints at RAW image capture suppor...

Google could soon add support for capturing RAW images to the version 5.3 of its Google Camera app. Android Police has reported this after a closer inspection of the app’ coding where they found hints of the new functionality that was spotted two years ago in the version 3.2 of the Google Camera app. In the v3.2 of the app, the RAW image capture feature was said to have been labelled ‘experimental’ with only a title and a single line description. However, this time, there is a detailed “tutorial” text, which explains that a RAW image is saved as a DNG file that consumes more space but can be edited by using a photo editor supporting the format. 

The APK teardown also tips a couple of other features that might soon make way to the app. These features include a fix for wide-angle distortion, which occurs when the subject is near the edges of the camera. Going by the code, the updated version of the app could help mitigate the issue but mostly for the faces that are detected by the camera’s algorithm. The app could also be updated with an automatic frame-rate setting that automatically switches between 60 and 30 fps, but Google could be working on this feature as the option contains a "placeholder" text. 

Lastly, the app could provide users with options of enabling “shiny new features” for controlling audio like ‘IMAX_AUDIO and MICROPHONE.’ As per the report, the decompiled code and some other clues hint towards a feature that could allow users to enable multi-channel audio recording when there is more than one microphone available. This feature could make way to newer phones, given that almost all latest devices come with two mics. However, as all the features are found in the programming of the app, it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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