Top 5 apps to train your brain

There's nothing sexier than a big brain. We've scoured the stores to find apps that will make you brainier, and theoretically more attractive to the opposite sex. Or not.

Published Date
22 - Apr - 2015
| Last Updated
28 - Apr - 2015
Top 5 apps to train your brain


We humans have two brains and one of them doesn’t get a lot of exercise. Lumosity is here to change just that. Designed by neuroscientists, this isn’t just any memory trainer, it scores you across multiple parameters and really helps you in getting a load off your mind.

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There are many more sutras to master than the one that we all know. Coursera has over 800 courses (read: Sutras) in more than 25 subject areas (read: Rooms) so there is bound to be at least one course that’ll really rope you in. Moreover, they even hand out certificates for completed courses.

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Quora is to today what Yahoo! Answers was back mid-2000’s. Except Quora is better at it. Whether you’re worried about your tennis elbow or which frosting should go on your pudding, Quora always has an answer.

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Enough about the mind, it’s time for your tongue to roll, slap and get into all sorts of weird positions inside your mouth as you learn the nuances of a new language. Learn to tango in a new lingo with Duolingo.

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Programming is all about getting into close quarters with a computer and then pounding out long and hard lines of code one after the other. For some, this comes naturally while others may need a helping hand. Udacity is all about programming unlike other apps that are all over the place.

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