Jugnoo's apps get you cooked meals, autos & groceries on demand

Perfect for Indian markets, Jugnoo takes the innovative step of providing what's necessary than what's new

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05 - Jun - 2015
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05 - Jun - 2015
Jugnoo's apps get you cooked meals, autos & groceries on demand

Jugnoo is a collection of three apps that help you get autorickshaws on call, cooked meals and groceries, respectively. Soon after launching in November 2014, Jugnoo started reaping sizeable profits with its on-call auto rickshaw service. Based in Chandigarh, Jugnoo has already expanded operations to Ludhiana, Amritsar and Jaipur, and intends to start operating in Gurgaon soon. It soon diversified its operations by providing meals and groceries. As of now, Jugnoo has an estimated 150,000 customers in its database with 3,000 daily transactions.

The key to Jugnoo's success can be attributed to its India-oriented services. Autos in India are one of the cheapest modes of transportation, and also more convenient, owing to the overcrowded roads and an auto’s manoeuverability. Jugnoo diversified into delivering meals and groceries after noticing the trend of auto rickshaw usage in various deliveries across cities. Founder Samar Singla, whose previous startup Juggernaut makes on-demand apps for businesses, decided to start this venture after noticing the demand for auto rides. Often, hailing an auto becomes difficult, with lack of availability and refusals. With the app, Singla has made getting an auto ride convenient, at par with on-call cab services such as Ola and Uber.

Jugnoo now has three apps for Android and iOS: ‘Jugnoo’, ‘Meals’ & ‘Fatafat’, each equally important in terms of company’s revenue. While the Jugnoo app takes care of auto rides, Jugnoo Meals enlist nearby places that partner with Jugnoo to provide cooked meals. The Jugnoo Fatafat app lists all nearby grocery outlets. They also have in-app switching - something that keeps users within the Jugnoo apps, a neat promotional feature.

Singla has previously worked with CERN and IBM in data analytics, after which he started his own tech venture. Jugnoo has recently received $5 million from angel investors, along with backing & support from PayTM, to further expand its auto rickshaw business in size as well as to different cities. With plans to introduce a three-way chat between vendor, buyer & customer support, better payment options and mobile vending points, Jugnoo is aiming at making daily life smoother for everyone instead of focusing on a specialised sector.

Source: Tech Crunch

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