Five trends shaping the apps of the future

Published Date
13 - Aug - 2015
| Last Updated
14 - Sep - 2015
Five trends shaping the apps of the future

The digitization of everything is leading to a new way of looking at apps, technology and devices. Nowadays, mobility is not just about smartphones and tablets; it is about using hardware and software to enable connected devices and intelligent applications to bring to life a whole new world of possibilities.

So, it is hardly surprising that there is an app for almost anything and everything—from mobile banking and smart meters to studying for board exams and even finding people in your area to cuddle with!

Here are five questions you need to answer when developing the mobile app of the future:

Are you using wearables the right way?

Today, we see a host of wearable devices empowered by digital technologies, such as Google Glass, Nike Fuelband and Samsung Galaxy Gear, to name a few.

For wearables to become the norm rather than an exception, they need to operate independently—without connecting to a smartphone or tablet. Mobile device manufacturers and service providers will need to go beyond the next cool wearable; they will need to collaborate on building an entire ecosystem of connected devices, frameworks, apps and APIs to tap into the infinite potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Are your apps innovative?

Crowdsourcing, API platform-based development, liquid development—if these are just words to you, you may be missing the boat on powerful disrupters for app design, development, testing and funding. Innovative trends like these will lead to faster app development. Make sure you’re ahead of the pack by staying up to date on the latest.

Crowdsourcing has been used for mobile app development in many sectors—from TopCoder (a marketplace with 500,000 independent developers) to Khan Academy (for localization of educational curriculums and teaching) to Facebook (for creating different language versions of its site).

API-centric application architectures allow apps to communicate with each other and perform predictive analytics, while liquid development helps build faster and more agile apps.

Is your data safe?

Increasingly, there are more and more applications handling sensitive personal data—such as credit card data, social security and health records. With this, the focus of security is shifting from the servers to mobile devices.  

Traditional security protocols are not enough to keep data secure. Businesses are beginning to take measures such as advanced encryption protocols and stringent data privacy rules to secure and protect enterprise and consumer data.

Are you fully leveraging mobile commerce?

Mobile payments allow customers to pay and earn loyalty points anywhere, anytime. M-commerce is expected to gain further traction in the coming years, with connected devices opening new vistas to mobile app developers and customers.

A case in point is the collaboration between Visa Inc., Pizza Hut and Accenture to reduce customer wait time for takeaway order pickups. A connected car enabled with cellular connectivity, Bluetooth and Visa Checkout (Visa’s online payment platform) will facilitate transactions, while Pizza Hut restaurants will be equipped with Beacon technology to alert staff when customers arrive to pick up their respective orders.

Are your mobile apps intelligent?

The perfect app is one that offers consumers the right information at the right place. Multiple technologies such as geolocation, context awareness, analytics, inter-app communication, cloud and social can be leveraged to create an intelligent app that will provide an exceptional customer experience.

Technologies such as iBeacon and Bluetooth Smart are already finding use in event-management, dating and education apps. A smart retail app could provide customers the right information at the right place to consumers walking by a store. Such intelligent apps could allow businesses to offer consumers personalized coupons and discounts based on information about the aisle in which they are shopping.

The old ways are giving way to new theories and concepts which will make mobile apps the gateway to services across industries and open the flood gates to new business opportunities.

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