Facebook updates its chat feature, shows which devices friends are online from

Facebook's new chat feature tells users whether friends are online on their mobiles or PCs.

Published Date
19 - Nov - 2013
| Last Updated
19 - Nov - 2013
Facebook updates its chat feature, shows which devices friends ar...

Facebook is currently testing a new messaging feature that just not reveal friends are online at the same time as you are, but also they are online via mobile or desktop version of Facebook. The new feature shows friends' status as currently online on “web” or “mobile.”

The feature will help bridge the gap between how users interact with each other when they are on desktop versus when they are on mobile devices. Users who are mobile may be inclined to give shorter replies or may not reply instantly if they are on the move. Users on desktops will be most likely sitting down and will have the time to read longer messages with links and media files.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the news and stated, “We are testing a feature that gives you a better understanding of where your friend will receive your message,” and also added that they will keep us posted on when and if the new feature rolls out more broadly.

Facebook is also testing auto play videos within News Feed on mobile version of the social networking site. According to rumors Facebook may charge between $1 million to about $2.5 million per day for each ad, depending on the number of people/users being targeted. The video adds will be played automatically once a user comes across a video in News Feed. Videos will initially play silently but the user has an option to turn on sound after a user taps on the video or scroll past the ad if they don't want to watch.

Source: Techcrunch