Facebook introduces Shazam-like music, TV shows identification feature

Facebook's new Shazam-like identification feature listens to your surroundings as you type in a new update.

Published Date
22 - May - 2014
| Last Updated
22 - May - 2014
Facebook introduces Shazam-like music, TV shows identification fe...

Facebook has introduced a new feature that helps users identify songs they are listening to and watching. Available for Facebook's mobile app, the new feature is said to be highly inspired by popular app Shazam, which also offers similar song identification feature. Facebook will be rolling out the feature on Android and iOS in the US in the coming weeks.

So here's how it works: when a user has turned on the feature, an audio icon appears on the display while writing a status update. If the feature finds a match, one can choose to add the song/TV show/movie to the status update.

If you have chosen to leave the feature on, you will notice an audio icon move and attempt to detect a match when you're setting a status update. You can also turn the feature off any time by tapping on the audio icon in the top right of the screen.

If a user shares the post, friends can see a 30-second preview of the song. “For TV shows, the story in News Feed will highlight the specific season and episode you’re watching, so you can avoid any spoilers and join in conversations with your friends after you’ve caught up,” Facebook explains in a detailed post.

Facebook's new feature comes shortly after rumours that Apple will be adding a similar song-ID feature in the next iOS 8 update. Rumours add Apple will teaming up with Shazam in an attempt to expand its music offerings.