Facebook for iOS v6.2 update includes status icons, sharing controls

Facebook for iOS v6.2 adds cool new "What Are You Doing" status icons, adds sharing controls and privacy features.

Published Date
19 - Jun - 2013
| Last Updated
19 - Jun - 2013
Facebook for iOS v6.2 update includes status icons, sharing contr...

Facebook has updated its new iOS app to version 6.2 The new app version includes cool new updates like mobile support for status update icons, a feature launched for desktop users in April by Facebook.

The “What Are You Doing” feature is positioned on the status page under a smiley icon. The icons allow users to add details about their actions to status updates. You can select the icon that is most relevant to you. The seven options that the user can choose from are feeling, watching, reading, listening to, drinking, eating, and playing.

As of now Facebook has added this feature in English only. The user can also start new conversations with photos and can change who can see something you have shared. The new Facebook update is available now, via the iTunes App Store.

Some of the new features included in the v6.2 are:

1. New icons added to depict what you are feeling, watching, reading, etc
2. The user can easily change who can see something you’ve shared
3. You can start a new conversation with photos that you receive in messages
4. There are some Bug fixes as well

Facebook keep evolving with new apps and updates. The social networking site is reportedly also planning to announce video-sharing capabilities to Instagram on June 20.

Source: TNW