F8 Conference: Facebook Messenger to allow third-party iOS app integration

Facebook is opening its Messenger app to third party apps. Hopes to transform it into a complete chat platform.

Published Date
26 - Mar - 2015
| Last Updated
26 - Mar - 2015
F8 Conference: Facebook Messenger to allow third-party iOS app in...

Facebook has debuted its new Messenger Platform at the F8 Facebook Developer Conference. The feature will allow users to send content like GIFs, photos, audio clips, videos, and more from third-party apps within the Facebook Messenger for iOS.

Starting today iOS app developers will be able to build Facebook Messenger support into their apps, making them directly accessible from within the app. Facebook has already collaborated with 40 developers, so lots of apps with Messenger support are already available on Apple's App Store, like Giphy (a GIF app), sticker apps, emoji apps, video apps, collage apps, and more. The social networking giant has also released its own apps for Messenger, such as Selfied, Stickered and Shout.

Apart from the Messenger Platform, the social network also unveiled a range of new services and tools. These include Messenger for Business, a Parse software development kit for the Internet of Things, 360-degree video support, embeddable videos, a new mobile app advertising analytics tool, and much more. CEO Mark Zukerberg also announced at the F8 Conference, that Messenger has now more than 600 million users globally.

Last week, Facebook announced the option to transfer funds between friends via Messenger. The new tools will make Messenger a one-stop shop for a broad set of functions and gives more rationale as to why Facebook made the messenger a stand-alone app in the first place, much to the chagrin, at the time, of millions of people.

Source: Facebook