Facebook clarifies why Messenger needs permission for your whole phone

Facebook sets up a page to clarify why the Messenger app is requesting permission to access features on Android phone or tablet?

Published Date
12 - Aug - 2014
| Last Updated
12 - Aug - 2014
Facebook clarifies why Messenger needs permission for your whole...

Facebook which received a lot of backlash for pushing its Messenger mobile app, has set up a web page to explain the app permissions in detail.

Facebook rolled out its Facebook Messenger mobile app to users last week and has received a lot of negative feedback. Many users have complained about the privacy invasion in the Messenger’s Android Terms of Service. Apparently, the messenger app asks for a wide range of invasive permissions, like the power to send texts or make phone calls without your supervision. Many people believed that the new Facebook Messenger will allow Facebook to spy on users, record all of their movements, etc.

Facebook has finally set up a page explaining in detail the Messenger apps permission to ease user fears. A Facebook spokesperson stated that the Facebook Messenger permissions have not changed. So if a users has installed the Facebook or Facebook Messenger app in the past, he has agreed to give the app the same access that a person installing the app now would receive.

Facebook confirmed last week that the messenger app split has begun. The social networking site added that the switch to messenger will benefit users as it is faster and more reliable. The app already has more than 200 million monthly users and has seen a positive response. However users who have not downloaded the app may see messages disappearing from the main Facebook app. This move will affect iPhone and Android app users. According to a Facebook spokesperson the changes will be rolled out over the coming weeks to all users.

Source: Facebook