Emojli, an emoji-only social network launched

Emojli is an iOS app that lets you communicate by using only Emoji.

Published Date
01 - Jul - 2014
| Last Updated
01 - Jul - 2014
Emojli, an emoji-only social network launched

Emojli, is an emoji based social network that forgoes text completely and communicates using just symbols/ Emojis. The messaging app is expected to launch on iOS soon and on other platforms later this year.

The whole Emojli network is emoji based, from usernames to status updates. Initially, Emojli will only be a chat app, but its creators Matt Gray and Tom Scott hope to expand it later into a full-fledged social network.

"Now we know what you're thinking: This is satire. No one would actually make this thing. It's not, and we have," they say.

Usernames in the app consist only of emojis so while that sounds like it could get confusing, the creators claim that there are nearly 250,000 combinations for two-emoji usernames. They add that things won’t get too perplexing until more than 250,000 people sign up. Interested users can head over to the Emojli site to reserve there user names.

“Social networks are broken,” the narrator intonates ominously in the company’s introductory video. “With spam, trolls, memes, and hashtags. It’s time for something simpler.”

Emojli app will compete with the iPhone app Yo launched earlier this month. The Yo app has become extremely popular as it helps users to communicate with minimal effort. The app lets you send only a single message: "Yo". The app has been described as a "single-tap zero character communication tool" that replaces boring texts and phone calls with a single pre-set message "Yo".